Invited contributors

Scientific talks:

Pr. Koshi ADACHI - Tohoku University (Japan)
Running-in: playing with friction history to promote super-low friction

M. Philippe-Franck GIRARD - Délégué Direction Scientifique, TOTAL (France)
The world demand for energy increases with population growth

Pr. Jean-François JOANNY - Head of ESPCI (France), Institut Curie, CNRS Silver Medallist
Collective properties of molecular motors: a model of active friction

Pr. Ton LUBRECHT - INSA Lyon (France)
On boundary layers and pressure spikes

Pr. Alain PROCHIANTZ - Member of French Academy of Science, Collège de France (France)
Transcription factors, traveling across the surface… and beyond

Pr. Haris PROCOPIOU - Paris Sorbonne University (France)
Techniques, senses and emotions during prehistory

Pr. Mark ROBBINS - Johns Hopkins University (USA)
Pressure dependence of lubricant viscosity and load dependence of superlubricity

Dr. Irwin SINGER - Retired, formerly a Physicist at Naval Research Laboratory (USA)
Remembering Jean-Marie Georges through photos and videos

Pr. Hugh SPIKES - Imperial College London, (UK), Tribology Gold Medallist
Boundary film-forming polymer additives

Dr. Hervé THIS - AgroParisTech, INRA, Université Paris-Saclay (France)
New kinds of gels, new physical and chemical behavior


Panel discussion on teaching methodology:
"How to attract to and teach science? How to consider cognition in the education of engineering sciences?"

Discussion leader: Pr. Jean-Pierre CLOAREC (Ecole Centrale de Lyon)

Dr. Nancy A. BURNHAM - Worcester Polytechnic Institute (USA)

Pr. Robert W. CARPICK - University of Pennsylvania (USA)

Pr. Suzanne JARVIS - University College Dublin (Ireland)

Dr. Alain MIDOL - Retired, Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University (France)

Pr. François SIDOROFF  - Retired, Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France), CNRS Silver Medallist


Panel discussion on research/industry partnership:
"What is the future for surface engineering in research that involves global industrial partnerships?"

Discussion leader: Bertrand NICOLET (Business Developement VP, MANUTECH-USD)

M. Gérald BRUSSOZ - Project team leader, Ferrari (Italy)

M. Philippe-Franck GIRARD - Délégué Direction Scientifique, TOTAL (France)

Dr. Philippe MAURIN-PERRIER - President, IREIS (France)

Dr. Samuel STREMSDOERFER - Chairman Executive Officer, Jetmetal (France)

M. Christoph WALLNER - Head of Materials Engineering, Production Innovation Center, Denso International Europe (Germany/Japan)

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